Let Sedgwick provide you a no-cost, no-obligation quote on your workers’ comp

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This is the time of year when you undoubtedly receive multiple phone calls, emails and
hardcopy mail promoting workers’ compensation programs.
Our endorsed partner, Sedgwick, helps members save significantly on workers’ compensation
premiums and provides valuable advice to our members who are navigating Ohio’s workers’
compensation system. Sedgwick’s clients annually save $160 million in workers’ compensation
premium through their Group Rating and Group Retrospective Rating Programs.
If you are not participating in this member benefit, you can request a no-cost, no-obligation
analysis of your potential savings. Please contact our Sedgwick program manager Julia Bowling
at julia.bowling@sedgwick.com or 513-218-4062. Or you can electronically request the
analysis by clicking on the following link: www.sedgwick.com/ac3/chillicotheross

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