PARTNER WEBINAR: The Role of Employers–Promoting COVID-19 Vaccines and Implementing Mandates

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The Department of Labor recently announced requirements for companies with 100 or more employees to mandate vaccines by the new year, and businesses of all sizes are navigating complex issues, concerns, and processes.

Join us on Monday, November 15 at 2pm for a discussion on the role of employers in promoting COVID-19 vaccines and implementing mandates.

Carrie Schum from Hattaway Communications will speak to public opinion data related to COVID-19 testing and vaccine mandates.

We will also address what messaging is effective with unvaccinated populations as Crystal Son from Civis shares new message testing.

Mike Malloy will talk about how they’re approaching the vaccine mandate rollout at Rocket Mortgage.

Don’t miss this important conversation next week, and save your spot here for a chance to ask experts questions on mandates and more.

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